Remember How I Have a Blog?

Because I had forgotten. Not really–but blogging obviously wasn’t on my list of priorities. My interests wax and wane, and I just haven’t been that interested in baking for awhile. It’s hard to maintain a baking blog when, over the past year, I’ve only baked a handful of times and, more often than not, made the same three recipes over and over. They were all delicious (from what I can remember) but how many odes to brownies can a woman write? (I mean, a person could feasibly write several odes to brownies, but I can’t imagine it makes for interesting reading.)

Brobee Birthday Cake

So what have I been doing over the past year? For one, I made this Brobee birthday cake for my godson.

I’ve been blogging on and off since I was 17 (before I really knew that what I was doing was even called blogging). And since then, I’ve probably started 10 different blogs, some of which have never gotten farther than a first post, but none of which have lasted very long. This ongoing cycle of starting and leaving blogs has me thinking about why I care about blogging in the first place. Luckily, it’s not because I want to make money or create a brand for myself. (Ew. I shudder at the thought.) Because if those were my goals, I’d obviously be a miserable failure.

Sock Monster

I also made this ridiculously adorable monster for my sister’s birthday. The pattern is Rebecca Danger’s Sammie the Sock Monster.

Instead, my interest in blogging really boils down to writing. As a grad student, I’m writing all the time. But my academic writing, while rewarding in its own right, tends to be very formal, is rarely read by or shared with an audience of any size, and is often hard. There are only so many times you can wrestle with the wording of a single sentence or agonize over the use of a particular term before you start to forget that writing can be pleasurable. That’s why I care about blogging, and why I continually come back to wanting to blog even if I let a blog wither and die: because I want a space where the writing comes easier and offers a quicker reward. I like the writing that I do as part of my research, but I also feel compelled towards outlets that help balance some of tediousness of that work. (Plus, I spend a lot of time making things, and I like to show them off.)

Baby face

I also spent a lot of time kissing this sweet face.

So I’m blogging again, but with a better sense of purpose. I’m not trying to maintain a niche blog about baking–I’m maintaining a space where I can write about my life and my projects. And hopefully that means I won’t wait around until I bake something to write here.

(Oh, and I passed my exams with distinction. This song most accurately reflects how that felt.)

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