February Sewing Plans

There’s not much of February left, so I’m trying to keep it relatively simple with my sewing plans this month. I’m going to make McCalls 6844, View A (the shorter version without the peplum). I’m going to be using some charcoal gray Hacci sweater knit I bought earlier this year from Girl Charlee. This will be my first time sewing with a sweater knit—hopefully it doesn’t give me too much trouble. I don’t anticipate having to make many changes to the pattern other than making some minor adjustments to the shoulder.

M6844 via sweetalchemy.wordpress.com

I’m looking forward to giving this pattern a try, since it has the potential to be the kind of thing I make over and over again. I used to have a gray open-front cardigan like this that I bought at Old Navy but have since lost while traveling. The Old Navy cardigan isn’t that great of a loss since it was really boxy and was part of Old Navy’s attempt to bring back the drop sleeve (a truly terrible idea), but it was very easy to wear—kind of like throwing on a hoodie, but a little more classy. So I’m hoping this month’s sewing will yield something with the convenience of the lost sweater, but with a bit more style. Onward with the sewing!


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