I finished this project a long time ago—sometime last summer. But I let it sit on a shelf for ten months before I finally got around to blocking the damn thing. To put that into perspective for you, between the moment I bound off the final stitches and the moment I put the scarf into a bath of warm water, I could have created an entire human being.

So what took me so long? Pins. As in, I knew I would need to stretch and pin the lace pattern during blocking and that seemed like enough of a PITA to keep me from getting around to it. So it goes.

The pattern is Magine from Ambah O’Brien, and it’s a shaped scarf  that is widest at the middle and tapers to a point at each end. The pattern has two different sizes, a “small” size that makes a more traditional scarf size and a “large” size that is wider, more along the lines of a wrap. My finished scarf (which probably stretched out a wee bit too much but I was being sort of quick/lazy about blocking) ended up being about 9″ wide at it’s deepest point and about 90″ long. This was a quick and fun pattern to knit (from what I can remember), and my only complaint about it at the time I did the actual knitting was that it wasn’t charted. I find it a lot easier to follow charted lace and cable patterns and it took me awhile to get into the groove of reading the lace pattern as it was written out, line by line. But, wouldn’t you know, in the eternity that has elapsed since I finished this, the pattern has been updated to include charts!

The yarn I used is Dream in Color Smooshy in Lost in Plum. It’s a springy yarn with good stitch definition and great color saturation. I’m always looking for yarn in this particular shade of purple, but I feel like it’s hard to find. I have another scarf made out of Smooshy and it wears really well—it’s comfortable to wear against the skin, but not so soft that it pills up immediately. Unfortunately, this yarn turned out to be really difficult to photograph. The photo below is really the most accurate indication of the color.

Now I’ve finished this scarf at the tail-end of this year’s unusually long scarf season so I probably won’t get to wear this for a few months. Knitting sometimes has it’s own timeline. I also have another scarf that I finished around the same time but haven’t blocked yet. It’s the Windward scarf from Heidi Kirrmaier knit up in a solid light gray. I like the pattern and the yarn is soft, but I’ve realized I don’t want a light gray scarf. It might be different if the yarn were more silver-ish, but it’s not—it has a bit of a warm undertone to it that just doesn’t look good wrapped around my neck. I thought about ripping it out and using the yarn for something else but I like the pattern so I’m thinking of dyeing it. Anyone have any experience over-dyeing something? The yarn is a merino/nylon superwash blend, and I was thinking I might try to dye it blue. I’ll take any tips you’ve got!


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