McCall’s 6844, The Second

Aidan and I have been watching The Good Wife, which I think we can all agree is an amazing show. At one point in Season 4, the firm hires a new investigator—Robyn. Robyn finds out about the interview at the last minute and shows up in jeans, a stained t-shirt, and a hoodie. She starts the interview off by saying something like, “I usually dress much nicer than this . . . Like a college student.”

There’s a part of me that wants to be like Alicia with her million designer suits. There’s a much bigger part of me that wants to be like Kalinda with her boots and her killer collection of jackets. But, basically, I’m Robyn. I’m not really bothered by this. I like being comfortable, and I like my jeans. I hate having to dress up—it makes me feel like a fool. Still, I’m pretty low on clothes at the moment so I’m trying to make some stuff that is ever so slightly nicer than “college student.” Nicer item the first is this black sweater knit version of McCall’s 6844. This is my second time making this pattern. Like my first version, this is View A again (shorter length, no peplum), but unlike my first version, I went ahead and interfaced the collar per the pattern instructions.

McCall's 6844

I honestly wasn’t thrilled with this one at first. I wasn’t thrilled with the fit and started to question whether I wanted to be wearing this kind of style in the first place. But after wearing it to campus (and finding a couple of different shirts I like layering with it), I’m pleased and I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.

McCall's 6844

Interfacing the collar makes a big difference. I rarely wear my first version anymore because the collar always wants to wrinkle and twist. I didn’t interface the first version because I was totally green and didn’t know there were fusibles specifically made for knits. Based on some crappy ready-to-wear I’ve encountered in the past, I thought interfacing a knit fabric would make it feel stiff or papery. But, of course, using the right stuff makes all the difference (more specifically, I used Pellon Easy Knit Fusible Tricot in black). The interfaced collar on this sweater behaves, stays in place and stays smooth, which makes it more comfortable to wear because I don’t feel like I need to keep screwing with it.

McCall's 6844

But, I am a little disappointed with myself because there are some small alterations that I should have made but was feeling lazy about. The first time I made this, I made a straight XL and only shaved a little width off of the shoulder. Since then, I’ve made enough McCalls patterns to figure out a couple of simple fitting strategies that work out well for me. Specifically, I’ve been making a 1/2” forward shoulder adjustment and start with an 18 or a Large at the shoulder and then blending out to a 20 or XL at the armscye. I knew the retracing the pieces for this cardigan and making those easy adjustments wouldn’t take long, but I still fell victim to my own laziness and just used the same, unaltered pieces I used last time.

McCall's 6844

It doesn’t make or break the cardigan. It’s not like it’s unwearable or looks like it fits really poorly. But I can tell that the shoulder is still too wide and not sitting as nicely as it should be. Mostly, I’m just kicking myself for not doing the minimal amount of work it would have taken to get a slightly better fit, especially on such a basic, workhorse piece. Oh well. Life lessons and such.

I ended up wearing this to two dinners I had before interviews, and it did a nice job of keeping me from looking a mess. Good show, cardigan.


2 thoughts on “McCall’s 6844, The Second

  1. Nice! Looks really versatile. Do you do anything to keep the black fabrics really black? I need advice on this. I have not seen The Good Wife so I appreciate the embedded tv show recommendation within this post. I’ll have to add it to my list.

    • We wash our clothes in cold water and I’ve been trying to extend the number of times I wear my dark clothes between wearing, but that’s all I’ve got right now. I think I might pick up some Woolite Dark the next time I’m at the store. I wear enough black clothes to justify using a special detergent. I’ll let you know how it works out.

      I think you’ll like The Good Wife. It’s got lots of good acting and interesting characters–plus, the guy who plays Logan in The Gilmore Girls is in it, continuing his study of the crappy/charming privileged white boy character.

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