Simplicity 1062

Since I last checked in two months ago, I:

  • Successfully defended my dissertation.
  • Got to play tourist around Cincinnati for a week when my dad and his girlfriend came down to visit.
  • Met our new and deliciously tiny twin nephews (the recipients of the green and blue sweaters from this post).
  • Played trains with our 4-year-old nephew, who has somehow come to believe that my name is Lisa.
  • Made it through a very long week full of new faculty orientations, meetings, and workshops.
  • Redesigned my blog.
  • Completed my first week of teaching as a new professor.
  • Officially graduated from my PhD program.

It has been a very full summer. The first half was kind of dire, what with the seven week rush to finish my dissertation and then pack up our apartment to move to Cincinnati. But the last five or six weeks have been much more pleasant and relaxing. Even with the start-of-the-semester rush, I’m feeling good about my new job–I’ve got good students, the people I’m working with are all very nice and welcoming, and I’m glad to be teaching writing again. And although many people seem to expect me to be disappointed about moving to Ohio, I’m really loving Cincinnati so far.

A post-defense pic with my committee, including a committee member who had to Skype in.

A post-defense pic with my committee, including a committee member who had to Skype in.

After a long break, I also started sewing again at the end of July. I’ve finished a handful of items but was put off by the idea of having to figure out where to take blog pictures in our new place until today. As it turns out, the patio area at the back of our townhouse is a pretty perfect location with good light and low foot traffic from the neighbors in the afternoon, and I was able to catch up on all of the project photos I needed to take (with the exception of a cowl I knitted and now need to re-block after stupidly letting my cats sleep on it).

Simplicity 1062

Today, I’m sharing the simplest of my recent sewing projects–Simplicity 1062, view C, which I made up using a lightweight poly/rayon/cotton blend jersey from Girl Charlee. This isn’t my usual style, but I’ve been feeling drawn to oversized shirts so I thought I’d give the pattern a try since I had some fabric on hand that I knew would work well. I’m surprised by how much I like the batwing cut and all of the extra ease. It is, as you can imagine, incredibly comfortable, but I like the way that it looks on me as well.

Simplicity 1062

As far as the sizing goes, I was a little tempted just to make a straight size XL, which is the size that most closely matches my bust measurement. However, I decided in the end that I wanted to stay truer to the intended design ease, especially around the hips. So I ended up tracing the L for the neckline, blended to the XL for the sleeves and upper torso, and then blended out to the XXL for the hips.

Simplicity 1062

This shirt is meant to have a subtle high-low hem, so the hem of the front piece curves upward by an inch or so. Since I didn’t do an FBA on this top, I added some extra length to the center front of the shirt by simply straightening out the front hem. The shirt would have been too short at the front without that extra bit of length and thanks to, you know, boobs, I still get the curved hem effect.

Simplicity 1062

I feel compelled to explain that this shirt is cut on grain, but the heathered striations in the fabric run at a slight diagonal. I’m thinking of it as a fun design feature. I haven’t really worn this yet but am looking forward to wearing it all the time once fall sets in. I’m also keeping my eye open for a good striped jersey to use for my next version.

More finished projects coming soon!


4 thoughts on “Simplicity 1062

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  2. “many people seem to expect me to be disappointed about moving to Ohio”….lol. Saddest thing about living in Boston is how DISinterested so many of my students are in seeing anything west of Manhattan, except for Los Angeles. Sigh. I’m glad you’re liking Cincy!

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