I once had a professor describe a poem I wrote as “rollicking good fun.” It is easily the most memorable bit of writing feedback I’ve ever received and is also the best way I can think to describe the Winterlong cowl pattern. It makes for rollicking good knitting fun.

Winterlong Cowl

I actually knit this a few months ago, right at the very end of my dissertation writing when I was feeling completely depleted. I picked this pattern up, even though it was decidedly the wrong season for knitting a heavy cowl, because it was interesting and different. Working through the bold pattern repeats was addictive and satisfying. It was hard to put down and when I came to the end of my yarn, I was trying to figure out who I might need a cowl for Christmas just so I could knit the pattern again.

Winterlong Cowl

The yarn is Patons Classic Wool in Mercury. This particular color appears to have been discontinued, which is disappointing because I had been planning to use it for a sweater. Oh well.

Winterlong Cowl

I feel like I could use another fun knitting project like this. I’ve been feeling bogged down lately, and it’s very tempting to come home in the evening and waste hours doing nothing but looking at crap on the internet. I’ve been forcing myself to put my laptop away and knit in the evenings. Knitting definitely helps me relax and improves my state of mind overall. But I’ve been working on a Featherweight cardigan, which is all stockinette and ribbing so it’s fairly boring. If you’ve got a particularly fun pattern that you’ve made, please share! I need more ideas.

Winterlong Cowl


8 thoughts on “Winterlong

  1. This looks gorgeous! I know what you mean about relaxing while knitting. I have that with sewing. Someday I’ll pick up knitting (again), because I’d love to have a scarf like this!

    • I find knitting relaxing because it is repetitive so it helps me work out any anxiety or tension. And sewing is relaxing for me because it is completely absorbing so it takes my mind off of anything that is bothering me. It’s nice to have both options for dealing with stress. And it makes me realize that if I didn’t knit or sew, I’d probably be a wreck!

      • So true! Since I’ve been sewing I’m much more relaxed. I know when I’m having stress when I feel the urge to sew! 🙂

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