Muse Jenna V-Neck Cardigan

I like sewing with sweater knits but, as a knitter, they also make me feel like I’m cheating. So I think of this, affectionately, as my cheater cardigan–made over the course of two days rather than the two (or more) months it would take using yarn and needles.

Muse Jenna Cardi

This is the Muse Patterns Jenna Cardigan. I made the hip-length version with 3/4 sleeves and used the Jenna Expansion pack to get a v-neck, which is my preferred cardigan neckline. I’ve been planning to make this cardigan for a long time, and for some reason, I built this pattern up in my head as being a bit challenging. But, in reality, it’s very easy to put together and really only takes a bit more time than a basic t-shirt.

Muse Jenna V-Neck

I knew I would need the size 40 for the shoulder, but I didn’t want to have to do an FBA to get enough room across the bust so I went with the cheater FBA (appropriate for my cheater cardigan) and blended out to the size 42 at the armscye. I ended up significantly slimming the sleeves and the sleeve cuffs–I took 2″ out of the sleeve cuffs and an inch from either side of the sleeve opening, tapering to nothing at the top of the sleeve seam. But other than initially floppy sleeves, I’m really happy with the fit on this pattern. I think the only adjustments I’d make to the pattern the next time around would be removing some of the sleeve cap ease and lowering the point of the v-neck just a bit.


The fabric I used is a really soft cotton-Spandex slub sweater knit that I bought last year from The little bit of Spandex means that it has good recovery, which means that this shouldn’t bag out with wear. It’s pretty lightweight and similar to my two most-worn cardigans, which I wear year round on all but the coldest of Ohio winter days. My other cardigans are black and gray, so I’m glad to have an option that is an actual color. I sew with so many neutral fabrics that this is the first time I’ve ever used something other than black or gray serger thread.


I used this project as a reason to finally figure out how to sew buttons on using my machine. It worked well (and was not at all difficult to figure out) so I’ve now succeeded in making my most-hated finishing task that much faster and easier. So this project is a win all around!



13 thoughts on “Muse Jenna V-Neck Cardigan

  1. Great cardigan – good colour choice. Are the seven buttons how the pattern is design – I notice you only have six done up in the photos and that looks about right to me? I have the Muse Jenna cardigan pattern too and made myself a standard one, but I can see the possibilities in the extension pack as I really do like the V-neck.

    • Yes, the pattern has 7 buttons, and I agree that six seems like a better number. Unfortunately, I was functioning on autopilot and just sewed and cut the buttons as marked instead of evaluating what looks good. Next time I’ll definitely eliminate the top one.

  2. Haha, you summed up my feelings exactly about sewing with sweater knits! I feel a bit guilty considering using them, as I always think “I can knit that”….. even if there is no way I could match their teeny tiny gauge. Your cardi turned out really well, I hope the needles forgive you for cheating on them 😉

    • Thanks, Siobhan. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like I’m cheating on my knitting needles with sweater knits! I’ll have to give my current knitting project some extra attention tonight. 🙂

  3. I’m looking for a cardigan pattern now the weather is turning chilly and this looks great, the front buttons bands and v neck look so good, super colour too.

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