My Me-Made-May Pledge for 2018

Oh, Me-Made-May.

I participated two years ago and managed to wear at least one item I’d made myself every day. The challenge ultimately encouraged me to stretch my skills a bit and incorporate some more interesting things into my wardrobe. I skipped last year because I was pregnant with Jude and so my priority when I was getting dressed was just wearing whatever fit. When the call for pledges came around this year, I just kind of assumed I’d skip it again.

Between changing sizes since I started sewing and weeding out things that were worn out or that I simply disliked, I’m down to a handful of items I’ve sewn in my closet. I’ve got a few tees, a cardigan, a few hoodies, a couple of pairs of leggings, and a pair of jeans. (Also, all of my underwear is sewn by me, but I don’t really count that since I wear it every day.) Of course, I’ve got some hand-knit garments as well, but even in our eternal winter, it’s getting too warm for those things to be wearable.

So I didn’t feel like I really had enough clothes to participate this year and just kind of wrote off the possibility. But then I was seeing other people lamenting that they wanted to participate in Me-Made-May but that they didn’t have enough to wear something they’d sewn every day, and I just wanted to say: “It doesn’t have to be every day! Set your own challenge! Do whatever makes sense for where you’re at!”

And after longer than makes sense, I finally realized this advice applied to my own situation.


Anyway. So here’s my Me-Made-May pledge for 2018:

I endeavor to wear at least one handmade or altered article of clothing five days a week for the duration of May 2018. Further, since I would like to prioritize getting back into the practice of sewing clothing for myself, I will dedicate at least 20 minutes every day to working on sewing or altering garments for myself.

My hope, clearly, is not just to wear the handmade clothes I already have, but to start to get more handmade stuff into my closet. I’m not looking to binge sew (is that a thing?) just to see how many finished projects I can pump out in a month. I don’t have any goals or even concrete plans in terms of what I might make. I’d just like to get back into the habit of sewing for myself again and will be happy with whatever progress I make towards finishing some new garments that I will love wearing.

I am not planning on doing any kind of daily documentation on Instagram—especially because they would be the most boring outfit shots ever—although I will probably write down what I wear just to make sure I’m hitting my goal of 5 items a week. But I am planning to do a mid-month check in and an end of month wrap-up here on the blog.

I feel like one of the fun things about Me-Made-May is that it’s impossible to predict what, exactly, you’ll end up taking away from the experience. Will learn something interesting about myself? Will I get some kind of insight into my style? Will I unearth handmade items I forgot about? Will I be incredibly comfortable since most of my handmade clothes are loungewear? We’ll find out soon!


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