I’ve loved making things since I was very young. My mom taught me to cross stitch when I was five or six. She also taught me some sewing basics, and I did some random sewing on and off throughout my childhood. I taught myself to knit when I was bored during my freshman year of college, but didn’t become truly serious about it until I turned to knitting as stress relief during my MA. Then I got serious about learning to sew my own clothes about half way through my PhD.

I have two small kids, and I like knitting them sweaters and sewing things for them like pajamas and Halloween costumes. But my primary interest is in knitting sweaters for myself and sewing myself garments. I’m also getting more interested in quilting and trying to slowly build by quilting skills. I also do a fair bit of baking.

I primarily use my blog to document the things I’ve made. Hopefully some of the information I share about the process will be helpful for other makers! Feel free to contact me with questions or comments. I love talking with other knitters and sewists.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I run Seamster Sewing Patterns and was wondering if you’d be interested in test sewing a pattern for me, but couldn’t find an email address. Please email me if you’re interested!

  2. Thank you for your blog! I’m a fairly new, but ambitious knitter who is just beginning to knit sweaters, and it is so helpful and interesting to read your experiences with knitting.

  3. Hi Anna, bumbed into your blog and found it very interesting. I also aim to – one day – have a completely handmade wardrope knitting and sewing being my “tools” to this. We`ll see! 😀

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