I started this blog a few years ago to document some my baking experiences, but I’ve since transitioned to writing mostly about knitting and sewing. I started knitting during my freshman year of college and took up sewing seriously about half way through my PhD. I really hate shopping so I have big dreams of having a totally handmade wardrobe, but I think I’m a long way off from making that happen.

I live in Cincinnati where I work as an English professor at a two-year college. I live with my partner, Aidan, and our three cats. Aidan is very supportive of my crafting, but the cats are not impressed.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I run Seamster Sewing Patterns and was wondering if you’d be interested in test sewing a pattern for me, but couldn’t find an email address. Please email me if you’re interested!

  2. Thank you for your blog! I’m a fairly new, but ambitious knitter who is just beginning to knit sweaters, and it is so helpful and interesting to read your experiences with knitting.

  3. Hi Anna, bumbed into your blog and found it very interesting. I also aim to – one day – have a completely handmade wardrope knitting and sewing being my “tools” to this. We`ll see! 😀

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