Costumes and Cookies

This past weekend, our friends hosted a Halloween party at their house full of good food, plenty of drinks, fun costumes, and one incredibly nerdalicious rap from one of my office mates about composition and rhetoric. I’m sure pictures and video of said rap have been posted to facebook by now (I don’t know for sure because I don’t do the FB thang anymore) but the best part was definitely the last two lines, which were something along the lines of “Like that Burke guy, can I get an ‘I identify’?” Seriously. We grad students are a strange breed.

Aidan and I went as Stan and Wendy from South Park, and I knit hats and mittens for us to wear for our costumes. This is what Stan and Wendy look like on the show:

SP Stan and Wendy

And this is what Aidan and I looked like in our costumes:

Aidan/Stan and Anna/Wendy

Not a great picture, but you can see how something that was supposed to be a fun costume got a little frightening when I put a black wig on. Still, we had fun.

For the party, I made another batch of the pumpkin cupcakes I made for a department potluck a few weeks ago, but I also made a batch of some peanut butter candy corn cookies using a recipe featured that week on Tasty Kitchen. These start with a basic peanut butter cookie dough with some peanuts mixed in. You shaped the dough into balls with a piece of candy corn in the middle so that the candy corn melts while the cookies bake. Then after you pull the cookies out of the oven, you top them with a couple more pieces of candy corn. The result is a nice sweet and salty combination and the melted candy corn in the middle of the cookie adds a nice chewy texture.

PB Candy Corn cookies

And here, I have to cite Aidan who gave the best synopsis of these cookies when he told me that they weren’t the best but were “tweakable.” These are definitely a “good, not great” kind of cookie. I like the concept, but I also would have preferred a slightly softer cookie, which I think might be achieved by cutting some of the butter with shortening. Aidan also suggested that the peanuts were too much texture, and I agree. At times, the addition of the peanuts also made it difficult to get the candy corn into the cookie dough. You would probably get just the right amount of crunch with these cookies by simply substituting crunchy peanut butter and omitting the peanuts. If anybody out there makes these or has made them, I’d love to hear about it.

more cookies

Great cookies or not, we had an excellent Halloween. Hope you did too.

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