Scarf for a Rainy May

(Syracuse peeps: Note the title pun. This town is getting under my skin.)

From what I’m hearing around the internets, it seems like Syracuse is in the same boat as a lot of people. Last week it was sunny and warm. Today it is cold and rainy. Spring is fickle as hell like that. The upside is that with leaves and blooms on the trees and flowers starting to spring from the ground, the rain isn’t quite as depressing as it was, say, a month ago.

Today I’m getting a lift from this scarf that I recently finished knitting.

This is the first project I’ve made with the yarn I got for my birthday. It’s the first thing I knit after a four or five month break. Of course, when the urge to knit struck again, it was one of those sunny and impossibly warm 80 degree April days where it seems stupid to even think about wool. Luckily (for me, at least) today’s weather is letting me get some wear out of this until it gets stashed away until next fall.

The color in the first picture is more accurate, but this one shows you what it looks like un-scrunched. Additional details on Ravelry.

I would say something generic and encouraging like “Hope to see the sun again soon!” but I’m not sure that’s an accurate indication of how I feel. Because the truth is that I am extraordinarily pale and heat makes me hateful. So keep on raining. Stay cool. Especially since I’ve got another scarf in the works.

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