Neon Rainbow Sweater Plans

Today is my birthday! I’m very lucky because, this year, Aidan is building me a cutting table for my sewing room as a birthday gift. I am obviously very excited about it. But I also bought myself a little yarn gift this year.

A couple of weekends ago, I needed to sit down and work on hand sewing a quilt binding. I knew it was going to take a good amount of time, so instead of spending naptime on the weekend up in my sewing room like I usually do, I sat down on the couch and watched some movies while I worked on the binding. The first movie I watched was Wine Country, which I’ve already seen and which I enjoyed the first time around but thought was even better and even funnier the second time.

White wine. It’s called white wine.

But while I was watching, I was also taken in by a sweater Amy Poehler’s character wears during their vineyard tours. It’s a basic navy, crewneck sweater with a band of neon rainbow stripes on the chest. I immediately started visualizing a plan for making myself a similar version and, two days later, found just the right yarn for the stripes (from Forgotten Fibers on Etsy) and decided it was just the right time of year to buy myself a birthday gift.

I think these mini skeins will be just the right amount of yarn for working up some thin bands of color on the sweater. And I think I’m going to use the Ravelston Pullover as a base pattern for what I’m planning. Since I’m making my own version, I’m also planning to swap out navy for my preferred neutral base, which is a charcoal gray. I haven’t bought that yarn yet, but I’m thinking I’ll use either Cascade Heritage in Charcoal or Valley Yarns Huntington in Dark Grey Heather—I just need to decide how dark I want my base to be.

Huntington in Dark Grey Heather. Based on project photos on Ravelry, I’m pretty sure this is noticeably darker than Heritage in Charcoal.

I don’t think I’m going to get around to starting this for a bit, but I’m excited about the plan. I think I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been feeling a little bored with knitting. It’s not that I don’t want to knit—I very much do—but rather that I’m looking for a way to rediscover the spark that was more present earlier in my knitting life. And this is one of the projects that is helping with that. I’m excited to get this going, excited to do the math to figure out stripe placement, excited that I have an idea but I can’t quite fully visualize what the final project will look like right now. All of that is giving me some knitting energy right now.


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