More Home Sewing: Throw Pillows

We’ve been in the process of freshening up our living room. Aidan ordered some new slipcovers for our sad couches and we went out and bought some new “art” (not sure you can call it that if you buy it from Marshall’s) to hang on the walls. Our old throw pillows were basically beaten to a pulp. But even if they were in better shape, they didn’t match the new slipcovers at all. We looked at throw pillows at Target and at TJ Maxx, but the options were truly terrible. They either weren’t in the color we wanted or had terrible embellishments or were made in that satin-y kind of fabric that is seriously the worst possible fabric to have anywhere near cat paws. 

So we put my new sewing skills to work once again and bought some fabric and some new pillow forms from JoAnn’s to make our own throw pillows. We picked out the brown and green stripe pattern for the fronts of the pillows and found a coordinating green for the backs. Both fabrics are decor-weight cottons that were really easy to work with and that will stand up nicely to our many cats.

To make these, I followed the same procedure I used to make the fleece cat bed I posted about awhile ago. I just followed the steps outlined in this video for making an envelope-style pillow case. The pillow forms we bought were 16″ square. I cut the fronts of the pillow to be 16″x16″ and then cut the back pieces 16″x10″. As Dana says in the video, cutting the fabric the same dimensions as the pillow form makes the resulting pillow case fit nice and snug. I sewed all four pillows assembly-line style, which was a little tedious but relatively quick. I did all the work for these in a single afternoon.

Most of the throw pillows we looked at in stores were somewhere around $20-$30 a piece. And that’s for fabric our cats would shred apart. We lucked out and got the pillow forms for 50% off at JoAnn’s, and we managed to get the striped fabric at the discounted remnant price. That, combined with JoAnn’s bizarro coupon system, meant that we walked out of the store with everything we needed to make four throw pillows for $50. 

Of course, right after I finished these, a blog post popped up in my Feedly about adding piping to the edges of pillows. Why didn’t I think of that? Next time.

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