New Pattern Thoughts

There have been a lot of summer pattern releases recently, both sewing- and knitting-related. Neither the Vogue nor McCall’s summer patterns are of any interest to me. It’s not entirely surprising since summer sewing patterns tend to be dress-heavy, and I don’t wear dresses. (Nor do I wear culottes, which are apparently a thing right now. And I especially do not wear culotte jumpsuits, of which there are not one, but two, patterns included in the McCall’s release. But I’m not the person anyone should be consulting about fashion so, you know, follow your culotte bliss.) The McCall’s release has a number of kid’s patterns that would be useful if I had a 5-year-old daughter with a moderate interest in ruffles but, alas, I just have three crabby old cats.

The one new pattern that I’ll definitely be buying is the Grainline Morris blazer. I’ve wanted to wear more jackets, so I’ve bought a couple of jacket patterns but they all seem out of my depth right now. The Morris Blazer looks like something I could reasonably manage at my current skill level.

The new Twist Collective is a bunch of patterns that make me think, “nice, but not for me.” This issue also had a significant number of kid’s patterns, although none that really grabbed me. I like the color work pattern on Elephanteau, but I don’t particularly like the neckline.

I do, however, really like the Minthe cardigan. I love all of the details on this pattern—the fit, the neckline, the pockets, the zippered front, the textured bands. But it also seems like the pattern uses some interesting construction methods, which will make it more fun to knit. Minthe has already line-jumped a couple of other sweater patterns in my queue.

BT Men's Collection

By far, my favorite recent pattern release is the new Brooklyn Tweed Men’s Collection. There isn’t a piece that I dislike, but I do have a few favorites. The two cabled hats (Crag and Snare) are great, and I can see myself making Sawyer for Aidan.

 The stand out for me is Carbon, which I want to alter to fit (curvy, narrow-shouldered, not-a-man) me. I love the monochrome color work, and there’s a very good chance I’d buy the exact yarn used for the sample. I’ve wanted to make a stranded sweater for myself for a long time but have never found a pattern that I liked enough to commit to. Apparently, they all just weren’t gray or masculine enough for me.

So those are my new pattern picks. It’s probably better not to have a ton of new patterns that I want to make, especially since if I actually made Morris, Minthe, and Carbon before the year was up, it would be a crafting miracle.


3 thoughts on “New Pattern Thoughts

  1. CULOTTES! My mom made me so many culottes back in the day, with whatever funky fabric I selected. They had elastic waists that always kind of bunched up in weird ways. This takes me back! Culottes and jumpers with dropped and gathered waists, all day long…

    I don’t understand the jumpsuit/romper thing. I saw some at Target. Do the people who wear them not have to pee? They just get undressed, basically, every time they must use the bathroom?!

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