The last three days, we’ve had stupid kinds of heat. As in, mid-80’s to 90’s at the end of May in Central New York. It’s not right, and it’s all the more unbearable in a second floor apartment without air conditioning. Blah. Luckily, there was a break in the heat today, which I’ve been enjoying particularly since I know that the temperatures are only going to continue to climb over the weekend until we find ourselves sweating every time we move on Monday. Since oven use is out on super-hot days, I seized my one day of reasonable temperatures this week to make some granola.

I basically followed this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, using walnuts, almonds and pepitas along with the oats. For the fruit I stirred in a 6 oz bag of dried cherries and a similarly sized bag of mixed dried fruit, chopped up in small pieces. I know granola isn’t much in the way of a celebration for cooler weather, but it was exactly the kind of easy, care-free thing that I needed to make today. Most of this went directly into the freezer for many breakfasts to come, but I spooned out some straight from the pan to eat for lunch today with some Greek yogurt.

So little work for so much satisfaction.

3 thoughts on “Granola

  1. well, hello there my new favorite blog!

    i’ve been wanting to make granola recently, but it’s way too hot here as well. (and i have a/c…). i was also just about to make some pickles, but then realized all my spices are packed in a box. so it goes… i’ll just read about your cooking adventures.

    yay new blog!

    • Thanks! I’m surprised you found it so soon after I put the link up on Ravelry. You must be Rav stalking me. 🙂 Now I have to go respond to your email about Taste of Buffalo . . .

  2. oh, i am!
    i basically check rav as often as i check my email. i must know what my friends are knitting at all times!
    i’m pondering starting a food blog in buffalo and you’ve totally inspired me even more. i think jerms might contribute to review veggie burgers at buffalo restaurants. he’s very excited about a place that has a “toppings bar.”

    also, this blog makes me hungry.

    take your time deciding about buffalo. there’s plenty of time to get together. and i still want to go to seneca falls too. i’m making the most of this summer, sister. the summer of abby!

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