Another Faded Stripes Tee

My sewing has been extremely slow going lately. Life just keeps getting in the way. Between being totally overwhelmed by this semester and my dad having heart surgery a couple of weeks ago (he is thankfully doing well), I’ve only found very rare and brief bits of time to sew. And given how busy the end of the semester is, that is likely going to continue to be the case. Such a drag!

Ottobre Woman 02/2015 Faded Stripes Tee

So despite the extensive fall sewing plans I made awhile back, the only thing I’ve managed to finish so far is this one very simple shirt–a second version of the Faded Stripes Tee from the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of Ottobre Woman. This is exactly the same as my first version, except that it features a self-fabric binding rather than using ribbing.


The striped fabric is another rayon-spandex blend from It’s incredibly soft and nice to wear, but the stripes are hard on the eyes. It actually made me nauseous when I was cutting the shirt out. Luckily, when I pair it with a cardigan and a scarf (which is how I’ve been wearing it to work), it tones down some of the psychedelic effects of the pattern.


Aside from this easy tee, I’ve been very slowly making progress on the Get Moving Hoodie from the fall issue of Ottobre Woman. After squeezing in a decent sewing session last night, I’ve got everything but the hood finished, and it’s looking good. I’m hoping to share a finished hoodie soon.

I’ve also finally started work on the Style Arc Misty Jeans, although I’m only as far as having the pattern assembled and cut out. The good news is that the crotch curve on the pattern matches the jeans I normally wear almost exactly–I just need to shorten the front rise a bit. Given the similarity in the crotch curve, I’m thinking about playing things fast and loose, forgoing a muslin, and just fitting as I sew. I might end up regretting that decision, but I don’t have the patience for the muslin process right now. We’ll see what happens.

While I haven’t been getting in much sewing, I’ve managed quite a bit of knitting. I think that since I’ve been knitting so much longer than I’ve been sewing, it’s just easier for me to manage knitting projects when I’m stressed out or pressed for time. Over the last month or two, I managed to finish both the Featherweight Cardigan and the Little Wave cardigan that were part of my Fall Essentials Sew-Along plans. I’m working on posts for both of those right now and will hopefully have them up soon-ish. (A preview: I hate one and love the other.)

Madigan Pullover

I’m also about halfway through knitting up Madigan, which I’m making up in Valley Yarns Northampton in Medium Gray. I’m through the cowl neck, yoke, and bust shaping, so that project should be pretty smooth sailing from this point on. But I’m going to need to start some Christmas knitting soon so it’s hard to say when I might finish that sweater. How is it already the middle of November!?


5 thoughts on “Another Faded Stripes Tee

  1. Love the striped tee! I’ve seen women sometimes style striped tees like that with just a scarf (with the vertical ends hanging down) to break up the stripes, too, if they feel like they’re too much for you. I actually like it just as-is, but I can also understand feeling overwhelmed by stripeyness.

    I think you’re probably safe to not muslin the Mistys. I wearably muslin’ed mine, and while I don’t have photos yet, I didn’t run into any big surprises fit-wise. I will need to make my usual pant alterations to the pattern, so if you have those worked out for your own pant fit, I’d go ahead and apply them to the Mistys. Mine are super comfortable–I don’t think you’ll regret sewing them.

    • Thanks, Michelle. It’s nice to know that you didn’t run into any fit surprises with the Misty pattern. It was encouraging to see Alicia’s sew-along version, knowing that she hadn’t made any fit changes. Plus, I think my fabric will be pretty forgiving. I look forward to seeing photos of your Misty jeans!

  2. I knitted exactly one row in the last month and if I had a blog I’d totally write up that accomplishment. Look at my row! The striped shirt looks perfect and its visual effect is powerful! I’m trying to strategize how you could use this in your favor… I always love reading your blog. Glad you had a bit of time to post and that your dad is recovering.

  3. Love the new top. I can see how the stripes would be a problem when you are cutting out the pattern. Hopefully they aren’t now that you are wearing them. 🙂 We are at the same place with our Misty Jeans. I have mine cut out of a stretch corduroy for my muslin, but I think it will be wearable. Looks relatively simple to put together. So I am hoping I can make them in time. 🙂

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